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My Journey:

In February 2004; I discovered a knot on the left side of my neck. A week later, I went to see my doctor who scheduled me for a biopsy. On March 3, 2004, at the age of 36, my life changed drastically. I was diagnosed with stage 3B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After a number of tests, doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to my lungs, chest, neck, and under both arms. My first thought was my children, who at the time were ages 5 and 13. I was sure I was going to die. I wondered why me, why am I going through this. Through prayer and the support of my family and friends, I gained the strength to live. I realized that I had cancer but cancer didn’t have me. I completed 8 months of chemotherapy and continued to work the entire time. My family and friends were very supportive and treated me as if I was not sick. Because of that, I felt a sense of normalcy. During the period I was fighting for my life. I lost two close cousins from lung cancer and I went into a depression, wondering if I was next. I continued to pray and fight, and promised God if He saved my life, I will be a blessing to others who are battling cancer. I’ve been cancer free for 13 years. I am thankful to God for his Grace and Mercy for saving my life. I am grateful for the unending support from my mother, sister, aunt, uncle, family and friends.

Buy a Calendar

In 2014, the first Taking Our Lives Back Calendar was created. My mission for the Taking Our Lives Back calendar is to allow women to share their journey with cancer in hope of encouraging other women to fight this disease and not to give up. In spite of the surgeries, the treatments and hair loss, during the photo shoot the women feel beautiful and empowered. They encourage one another and join forces to spread awareness.